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Canadian Fake Hair

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Holiday Givaways, $10.99 Crin Sale + Falls & Fringe Sets @ cypherlox.com Dec. 12th, 2009 @ 12:44 pm
Happy Holidays Everyone!
We have a Holiday gift certificate giveaway, a few special sales, and new items available for the holidays!

Crin/Cyberlox is $10.99 a bag until 12/15 @ cypherlox.com:

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50% discount on hair extensions Nov. 16th, 2009 @ 02:39 pm
Hello everybody!

(dear mods, if this is not good, please just delete my post).

Wanted to let everybody know, that Royale Esthetics in Toronto/Newmarket, ON, have 50% discounts on all their services all November. Yes, that includes Fusion hair extensions and clipons.


New Accessories added to cypherlox.com, GIVEAWAYS, & halloween ordering deadlines! Oct. 11th, 2009 @ 02:36 pm

Happy Halloween Everyone!
We have added some new accessories to our website (see below). We are also doing tons of Halloween Giveaways at the events we have posted under the LJ cut and will be at BLOODFEAST in Cleveland, OH on Halloween Night. Giveaways include goggles, hair and other accessories, jewelry, vegan accessories by "Starrlight Jewelry", clip-in hair streaks, coupons, halloween treats and more! We have also posted Halloween ordering deadlines if you are trying to get your hair supplies or accessories in by Halloween! We do ship to Canada & Worldwide!

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Jul. 2nd, 2009 @ 11:48 am
What I'm offering you:
¬ Unique and personalized hair falls
¬ Unique cyber necklaces and bracelets
¬ Flowers barrettes to accentuate your falls or your natural hair

Lots of colors and materials available!
No shipping if you live in the Montreal area.

¬ Official web site,
¬ Facebook page

Questions? ao@aodesigns.ca

Ce que je vous offre:
¬ Des extensions uniques et personnalisées
¬ Des colliers et bracelets de style cyber aux designs uniques
¬ Des fleurs pour accentuer vos rallonges et vos cheveux naturels

Grand choix de couleurs et matériaux.
Pas de frais d'envois si vous habitez la région de Montréal.

New Mini Crin/Cyberlox & SFX Hair Dye colors + FREE items! Apr. 22nd, 2009 @ 04:14 pm

New items added to our store on cypherlox.com:

Special Effects Hair Dye:
-Our Special Effects hair dye comes in over 20 colors!
-It is a VEGAN product, and animal friendly!
-Some colors even glow under black light!!

Tubular Crin / Cyberlox Wholesale Discounts:
1-4 bags - $13.99 reg. price
5-9 bags - $11.99 each
10-19 bags - $10.99 each
20+ bags - $9.99 each
If your order is over $1,000 USD please contact me for an even greater discount.

We ship worldwide!

Click below to get coupons for FREE SFX Hair Dye, Hair Streaks, and more!

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» New items @ CypherLOX.com! Get your custom falls/extensions by Christmas!
Check out our new items at CypherLOX.com!

Go to cypherlox.com, and mouse over "The Lox Shop Online Store" to purchase these new items!

Need Falls or Extensions by Christmas?

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» Best place to buy hair online with shipping within Canada?
I've been out of the loop for a while and I am thinking about making some loose extensions. Where is the best place to buy packages of hair online that ships within Canada nowadays?
» One free item for every $50 you spend at cypherlox.com! Cy-X goggles, moneybookers payments...

To purchase items and redeem your free item(s):
go to www.cypherlox.com
mouse over "the lox shop online store"
and click a category to start shopping!

We are located in OHIO, USA and ship world wide!
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» New Items at CypherLOX.com!

Go to CypherLOX.com, and click "The Lox Shop Online Store" to purchase these items, hair making materials, SFX hair dye, Goggles, and more! We do ship worldwide!
» (No Subject)
Hey! Does anyone know where I can get fusion hair in Barrie, Ontario??

X posted like woah!!
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